Recycling Guidelines

While in our facility, for your safety and ours, please follow all directions given to you.
• All products must be driven across the scales.
• Safety requires that all customers and passengers must stay in their cars while on the yard, no exceptions.
When at rear weighing doors, stay in your car until your turn, and then get out to watch your materials being weighed.
• Tickets must be presented for payment the same day.
• Security cameras are recording our entire facility and we prosecute theft.
State law requires that a valid ID must be presented to sell metals to us.
We accept the following:
• A valid Driver’s license or State Identification from Florida other US states.
 -The following items must be removed from all scrap before it is brought to our facility.
• Batteries or pieces of batteries, including household batteries except undamaged lead acid vehicle batteries
• Gas tanks must be removed from cars and have three holes in each side (can put in trunk)
• Tires (we will take metal rims)
• Unspent air bag canisters and other explosive materials
• Closed containers, paint buckets, food containers
• Garbage, rags, paper, glass, wood, dirt, concrete and other debris
• Wet transformers
• Light ballasts, no PCBs, no capacitors or fluorescent tubes
• Microwaves
• Freon
• All fluids must be drained from cars, appliances, etc.
• Smoke detectors
• Tanks must have one end of tank cut out and must be dry with no residue or smell
• No radioactive/toxic materials
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