Metal Guidelines

Aluminum Cans (can be crushed or not, washed out, we prefer them in clear bags)
Aluminum Rims and Chrome Aluminum Rims (can have valve stems and wheel weights attached)
Aluminum Signs (can have tape and paint)
Aluminum Turnings (produced from lathe and milling machines)
Aluminum Wire (no insulation and no steel wire in center)
Aluminum Siding (clean, no screws, plastic, caulk, etc. – new or old)
Clip Aluminum (new production, non painted, thick or thin sheets that have been machine bent or folded, bar stock, plate, etc.)
Painted Clip (same as clip with paint)
Cast Aluminum (produced by casting when made, most fittings are cast, auto cast aluminum, etc – no more than 2% steel)
Extrusion Aluminum (6061 or 6063, irrigation pipe, door frames, window frames – no caulk, glass, screws, rubber)
Irony Aluminum (50% iron and 50% aluminum, lawn mower motors, possible lawn chairs, motor parts, etc)
Slightly Irony Aluminum (10% maximum iron)
Litho Aluminum (thin sheets used in printing process)
Sheet Aluminum Radiators (radiators, no plastic, steel or rubber)
Sheet Aluminum (2% maximum screws, plastic, caulk or rubber – no glass)
Brass Turnings (from new brass produced by lathe or milling machines – no steel contamination)
Irony Brass (white, contains some iron)
Red Brass (contains more copper than yellow brass – if filed has pink color inside)
Yellow Brass (most plumbing fittings, door hardware, kick plates, etc. – if filed has a yellow color inside)
#1 Big Insulated (large insulated copper wire – yields 85% or greater)
#1 Copper (tubing with no solder or fittings, some insulated wire that is stripped but not shiny, bright sheet copper, non
-insulated stripped house wire that is tarnished from weather exposure)
#1 Insulated (wire with copper #12 gauge up to #1 big but still insulated, solid spaghetti wire used commercially, Romex
and most house wiring – yields 65% copper)
#2 Big Insulated (wire same size as #1 Big Insulated but plated and insulated – yields 80% or more )
#2 Copper (tubing with solder/paint/oil or fittings, fine brittle copper wire)
#2 Insulated (#14 gauge and smaller – most phone and communication wire – yields 55%)
#2 Insulated Copper with Steel Shield (same as #2 Insulated with steel shield)
#2 Insulated Copper with Steel Wires (same as #2 Insulated with steel wires in inner core or exterior shell.
#2 Insulated low yield (has several very small individual insulated wires and larger coating – yields 35% to 50%)
2&1 Copper (two strands of copper and one strand steel weaved together – no insulation)
ABX (Aluminum Shield Cable, solid #1 insulated copper inside flexible alum conduit)
Bare Bright (any shiny copper wire/stripped/not burned – burning is illegal, changes grade, is very bad for environment and
can result in heavy fines from the EPA)
Chiller Copper (copper tubing – threaded on outside, steel ribs with no heavy steel ends)
Copper Turnings (produced by lathe and milling when cutting copper parts or bars with no steel contaminants)
Heliax/Hollow (insulated outside coating, copper shell, foam shell, copper shell, hollow center)
Heliax/Solid (insulated outside coating, copper shell, foam shell, copper shell, foam center)
Lead Insulated Copper (copper wire insulated with lead cover, not plastic)
1 Busheling (clean new steel left over from production processes, can be galvanized or painted)
Appliance Tin (whole appliances, any auto parts with foam, insulation, plastic, shreddable)
Appliance/Unprepared (equal mix of appliance tin and unprepared steel)
Appliance/Unprepared 3 (1/3 appliance tin and 2/3 unprepared steel)
Car motors (no fluids)
Cars (no battery, no fluids, no CFCs or Freon, no tires, no trash or concrete – gas tank must be off car with holes in it – can be in trunk or back seat)
Cast Iron (cast iron lawn furniture, auto cast iron parts, clean motor blocks with no pistons or crankshafts, bathtubs, sinks, radiators, pipe, etc.)
Sealed units (compressors, no oil, no Freon)
Electric Motors (free of attachments)
GBX (Galvanized Steel flexible conduit with #1 insulated copper wire)
Plate and Structural (up to 5′ long by 18″ wide, angle iron, I-Beams, H-Beams, channel, steel plates)
Prepared steel (less than 3 foot long, 18″ wide, can be any thickness)
Prepared/Cast Iron (equal mix of cast iron and prepared steel)
Torchable Steel (over 3/8″ thick and requires lot of torch labor – can’t be sheared)
Whole Transmissions (no fluids, alum motor blocks)
Unprepared Steel (more than 3 ft long or 18″ wide)
Unprepared Steel/Cast Iron (equal parts unprepared steel and cast iron)
Unprepared Steel/Prepared Steel (equal parts unprepared steel and prepared steel)
Auto Batteries (undamaged lead acid)
Clean CATV (commercial underground cable vision wire)
Clean Lead (sheet lead or any lead with no steel, plastic or paper)
Die cast (clean zinc/die cast parts, free of any steel, plastic or paper)
Heater Coils (brass, copper and solder, no plastic or steel)
Heliax with Brass Ends (same as Heliax/Hollow or Heliax/Solid with brass fittings on end)
Insulated CATV (same as CATV with black outside insulation)
Irony Die cast (same as die cast but with steel contamination)
Irony CATV (same as CATV but with steel reinforcement wire on outside)
Irony Lead (wheel weights or lead with steel contamination)
Low Yield Triplex (heavy insulated, underground, alum and copper mix cable, also called URD or Concentric)
Refinery (mostly steel mixed with other non-ferrous metals, such as copper, brass, etc.)
Triplex (insulated aluminum wire or bare aluminum wire with steel reinforcement wire in center)
Car Radiators (made of brass and copper and free of steel, iron, plastic or rubber)
Copper Aluminum (coils from air conditioners that have no steel ends)
Irony Car Radiators (same as car radiators but with steel, iron, plastic or rubber)
Irony Copper/Alum (same as copper aluminum but with steel ends)
Plastic Aluminum Radiators (aluminum coils or radiators that have plastic tanks and some steel)
New Babbitt (63% tin, 37% lead produced in new production)
Old Babbitt (solder drippings from circuit boards)
304 Stainless (most restaurant equipment, household sinks if all iron is removed, sheets for laser cutting machines, etc.)
316 Stainless (has higher content of nickel, mostly pharmaceutical grade)
Irony Stainless (same as 304 and 316 with steel contamination)
Stainless Turnings (free of oil, produced by lathes and milling machines)
There are many alloys and high-temperature metals that are not listed here that we can test and price for you if you bring us a small sample.
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